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    Migrating PWA data with G.A. Suite

    This section describes the process of migrating PWA data from the source Project Online PWA to a new blank target Project Online PWA using G.A. Suite Copy functionality. 

    The following sets of data will be migrated:

    • Project Server data;
    • SharePoint content;
    • PWA Projects.

    I. Limitations of G.A. Suite

    There are certain limitations - the sets of data or settings that are not supported for migration using G.A. Suite. This means that the entities listed below need to be either re-created or transferred to the target PWA manually.

    ⛔ PWA (Server) Settings:

    1. Regional Settings
    2. Additional Server Settings
    3. Workflows developed in Visual Studio
    4.  Creation of Users on tenant level

    ⛔ Projects:

    1. Timeline
    2. Tasks Status Manager setting
    3. Driver Impacts
    4. Resource Engagements of the proposed type
    5. Resource Engagements of draft type

    ⛔ SharePoint Sites:

    1. Managed Copies of files in Document Libraries
    2. Document Libraries Document Version History
    3. All kinds of reports that use a database connection (reports that use OData will be copied)

    II. Migration Prerequisites

    In cases where the source and target Project Online Tenants are different, users with the same Display Names and Usernames as in the source Tenant must be created in the target Tenant (@domain.com part of the Usernames may be different). The accounts must also be added to the target PWA manually or using Active Directory synchronization before migration.

    In such a way, G.A. Suite will be able to map the source and target User Accounts and also map the Resources when copying Projects.

    Please note: If it is necessary, it is possible to rename the Resources as needed. Note, that this should be done AFTER migration is fully completed!

    If Resources have different Display Names in source and target, the discrepancies will occur in migration of PWA Configuration, Projects (Assignments, Custom Fields of 'User' type, etc.), and SharePoint Content ('Assigned to', 'Created By', 'Modified By' and other fields in Document Libraries and SharePoint Lists will be missing values; User Account will fail to be added to SharePoint Groups in Project Sites, etc.)

    III. Migration Flow

    The overall process of full PWA to PWA migration using G.A. Suite consists of the steps below. 

    Please note few steps would need to be performed manually, due to G.A. Suite limitations stated above.

    Follow the links on each of these steps to the detailed instructions:

    1. Copy PWA Root Site
    2. Copy PWA Configuration
    3. Post-upload verification of EPTs & update of Project Site Creation Settings on the target PWA - [manually]
    4. Compare source to target PWA settings
    5. Publish Projects
    6. Copy Dry-run on 1-2 Projects and Project Sites
    7. Copy Project Plans
    8. Copy Project Sites
    9. Partial PWA Configuration re-migration

    IV. Key Recommendations

    ⚠️Perform thorough verification after each “copy” step.

    ⚠️ Make sure, that the migration account does not have an active delegation session during any “copy” operation!

    Find how to add an environment to your G.A. Suite by the following link - Add Environment to your G.A. Suite

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