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Trending Widget Pack

This package contains widgets for visualizing data captured by FluentPro Trending. The package is available for both On-Premise and Online installations and doesn't require any additional configurations if FluentPro Trending is already installed and activated.


Please note: For On-Premise installations EPM Pulse version 3.0 or above is required.

Trending Widget Pack


Trending widget pack can be installed via Widget Management.

Package Content

This package includes widgets of the following categories:

Widget Category Type Description
Daily Field Changes Displays changes of the selected field by day. The widget displays a value that the field was changed to and the difference between current and previous value (percentage and an absolute value). The following widgets are available: - Project Daily Field Changes - Resource Daily Field Changes - Task Daily Field Changes - Risk Daily Field Changes - Issue Daily Field Changes - Deliverable Daily Field Changes
History Displays a trend for the selected fields over time, like Project % Complete over time or Average Actual Work for Portfolio Tasks over time. Allows to display up to 3 trends simultaneously on a single widget. The following widgets are available: - Project History - Resource History - Task History - Risk History - Issue History - Deliverable History
History by Category Displays a trend for the selected field with a breakdown by category over time, like Number of Projects by Health over time or Number of Critical and Non-Critical tasks over time. The following widgets are available: - Project History by Category - Resource History by Category - Task History by Category - Risk History by Category - Issue History by Category - Deliverable History by Category


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