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History by Category

This type of widgets displays trends for the aggregated field value broken down into categories. For example, widget can be used for displaying trends like Number of Issues by Prioriy over time:

Or Number of Projects by Status\Health over time:

History by Category widgets have the following parameters:

Field which trend should be displayed on the widget.

Aggregate function to be applied to the fields selected in the Value parameter.
Group By
Field containing category values.
Format Formatting for X-axis and trend line tooltips.
Enable RAG Colors Turning this option ON will change colors of trend lines to the colors specified in the Colors parameter. This option is useful in case Group By field is a RAG indicator like Health or Status.
Colors Comma-separated list of colors to be applied to trend lines in case the Enable Rag Colors option is turned on. Default set of colors is suitable for categories of the following values: “Red”,“Amber”,“Green”,“Grey”.
Consider NULL as Grey
Replaces NULL category values with “Grey” string. Option works only if the Enable RAG Colors option is turned on.

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