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Daily Field Changes

This type of widget displays changes of a field by day. For example, the widget can display change history of projects % Complete.

In this case, it will display the date when the change occurred, the name of a project where the change occurred, and the new value of the field. For numeric fields, the widget can display additional information about the change: direction, change percentage, the absolute value of a change.

Widgets of this type are available for all Project Server entities: Projects, Resources, Tasks, Risks, Issues and Deliverables.

Daily Field Changes widgets have the following parameters:

Parameter Description
Field which changes will be displayed in the widget.
Data Format Formatting for the Field value.
Order in which the changes will be displayed in the widget, i.e. from latest to newest or newest to latest.
Show Change Determines whether additional information about the change will be displayed in the widget or not. Is applicable to numeric fields only, if the option is enabled for a non-numeric field, the widget will raise an error.
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