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Connection account requirements for Monday.com

In this article, we will review permission prerequisites that an account used for backup should meet.

For Backup operations: 

As a Personal API token is used for the connection to the Monday.com environment, data will be available for backup depending on the account permissions in Monday.com.

The following Monday.com data will be read using either the personal API Token of an Admin account or the API token of a Member user account:

  • All Monday.com Workspaces are read even if the connection account is not an owner or a member of the Workspaces.
  • All Monday.com Teams and Users are read and backed up.

Boards of the following types will be available to select for the backup:

  • All Boards of the Main (Public) type from all Workspaces and Folders.
  • Boards of the Shareable type where the connection account is a Board owner or is added as a member.
  • Boards of the Private type where the connection account is a Board owner or a member.
  • Available Boards can be backed up with any Board Permissions (‘Edit everything’, ‘Edit content’, ‘Edit rows assigned’, ‘View only’) as the Boards are only read, but not edited, during the backup. 

For more information on which Monday.com entities are supported for the backup, please refer to the following article.

For Restore operations: 

Currently, the same API token/the same connection account is used for the Restore operations to Monday.com in FluentPro Backup.

The account whose API token is used for the restore should have permissions for:

  • creating new Workspaces and reading the existing ones, 
  • creating and updating Boards of different types, 
  • reading users and Teams, 
  • @mentioning and adding all users of the account to the Board Owners, Members, Item Subscribers, and Updates, 
  • uploading files to Monday.com.

If the restore is performed to an existing Monday.com Workspace, the connection account should be added as a Workspace Member or an Owner to be able to create new Boards in the Workspace. 

Account with the Admin role is not required. API tokens of the following accounts can be used for the connection:

1. Admin account (not required).

2. Activated user account with the Member role.

Please refer to the How to create API token for Monday article for information on how the tokens are created. 

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