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How to get API token for Monday.com

In this article, we will review how users with different roles can create API token in Monday.com. 

The personal API token is used for connection to FluentPro Backup environment. 

The following Monday.com data will be read using either the personal API Token of an Admin account or the API token of a Member user account:

  • All Monday.com Workspaces are read even if the connection account is not an owner or a member of the Workspaces.
  • All Monday.com Teams and Users are read and backed up.

An account with the Admin role is not required. API tokens of the following accounts can be used for connection: 

1. Admin account (not required)

API Token can be generated and copied on the Admin page.

Click on the Account icon, select Administration => Connections => open the API page. Click on the ‘Generate’ button to create a personal API Token for your account and then copy it. 

2. Activated user account with Member role

Only users with Admin permissions have Admin settings and can generate API tokens there. Users without Admin permissions can generate and copy personal access tokens for backup in Account -> Developers menu -> Developer drop-down menu -> My Access Tokens.

On the My Tokens page, click on the ‘Show’ button and then the ‘Copy’ token button.

API Token of an account with Viewer (read-only) role cannot be used, the error message “Unable to complete request https://api.monday.com/v2/: 403 Forbidden” will be displayed on the attempt to connect with API Token created by a user with Viewer role.

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