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    Storage Settings

    By default, G. A. Suite service uses FluentPro Azure Storage account to store all backup data created by the service, therefore you can benefit from exceptional security and high reliability provided by Microsoft Azure. 

    All backup data created by the G. A. Suite service are encrypted by default to ensure a high confidentiality level. 

    Due to security reasons you cannot switch encryption off by yourself.

    Custom storage

    If necessary, you can set up the G. A. Suite service to use custom storage. Currently, two types of custom storage are supported:

    • your own Azure Storage account
    • Amazon S3 Bucket.

    Please note: Only the account owner (a user, who registered G.A. Suite) has permissions to perform storage change. Users added to G.A. Suite via the Account Permissions page are not authorized for this action by default. In case a user, who is not an account owner, attempts to change storage from default to a custom one (or vice versa), they will receive an error message "We are sorry but you don't have permissions for this action".

    Access Storage Settings

    To access Storage Settings: 

    1. Click the Gear button on the navigational ribbon in the top part of the page.

    2. Select Storage settings

    Using custom storage

    To use custom storage instead of the default one, switch the Data storage switcher to Custom

    If you didn't create a custom storage before, you will be prompted to add a new one. Select the storage type in the drop-down, provide the required credentials and click the Save button. 

    Please note: If you select custom storage you should make sure that there is enough space in the storage selected to store all the data you plan to backup. Please take into account the following:

    • the storage should be bigger then the size of your PWA;
    • the required storage size depends on the retention policy period selected for your backups in G.A. Suite;
    • the required storage size depends on the frequency of backups per day/week/month.

    For example, if you have a PWA which is 200 MB in size and you backup your data every day and the retention policy is set to 10 days (the backups are stored for 10 days and then they are deleted), then the size of the storage should be not less then 2000 MB (200*1*10 = 2000).

    Please note: The account used in the selected storage must have Read & Write access to the selected Storage.

    If you select Azure Storage you need to provide the Account name and Access key to add this storage to G.A. Suite. 

    The Account Name in G.A. Suite stands for a storage account name in Azure storage. 

    Any of the available Access keys for the selected storage account name can be copied and used in G.A. Suite. 

    As you provide this information in G.A. Suite, the storage will be successfully added and can be used to store your backup data. 

    If you select Amazon S3 bucket storage, you need to provide Bucket name, Client ID, Secret Key, and Region to add this storage to G.A. Suite. 

    Client ID in G.A, Suite stands for Access Key ID in Amazon S3 bucket.
    Secret in G.A. Suite stands for Secret Access Key in Amazon S3 bucket.

    For Client ID, please open Amazon S3 bucket storage => User Settings => My Security Credentials. 

    Under 'Access keys for CLI, SDK, API access' select 'Create access key' option. 

    As the key is created you will be able to copy Access Key ID and Secret Access Key to paste this information to G.A. Suite fields. 

    Next, select the Region and click Save to add this storage to G.A. Suite and store your backups data in this storage.

    Please note: We recommend selecting US West (Oregon) Region both in Amazon S3 bucket storage and in G.A. Suite.

    After switching to the custom storage account, we strongly recommend running an on-demand backup to ensure, that valid credentials were provided and your custom storage has connected successfully.

    Please note: All the previously created backup copies, which are stored in the default FluentPro Azure Storage, will not be transferred to the new custom storage. They will continue to be saved in the default storage until they are removed according to the selected Retention Policies.

    If you change the storage when the backup is in progress, the launched backup will be saved to the storage which was specified at the time when the backup process was launched. Next backups will be saved to the new storage selected.

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