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Step 1. Integration prerequisites for Project Online <> Azure DevOps

Before you start configuring your Integration Scenario please visit the Integration Hub Installation page and install Integration Hub either as a SharePoint App or as an extension for Azure DevOps. 

Please note: We recommend installing Integration Hub as an Azure DevOps extension for synchronizations between Project Online and Azure DevOps. Other Integration Hub scenarios will be available as well in this case.  However, it will be possible to easily launch the synchronization from Azure DevOps without opening the Integration Hub app (after the scenario is configured). Please refer to the Azure DevOps extension article for detailed information.

It is also possible to add Azure DevOps Server connection to Integration Hub (on the condition that the Azure DevOps Server version is 2017 or higher and it is accessible from the internet). Also, Azure DevOps Server must have a valid TSL certificate for its website (the integration will not work with the HTTP connection; an HTTPS connection is necessary).

Please note: If your Integration Hub app is installed on the machine with Windows Server 2012 R2 system and you need to connect it to AzureDevOps Server 2020 installed on the machine with Windows Server 2019, you need to enable the TLS Security Cypher called TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 on the machine where Integration Hub is installed. This Cypher is disabled by default. You might also need to install all the latest Windows security updates on your Windows Server 2012 R2 machine to make this Cypher appear in the list. If Integration Hub is installed on the machine with Windows Server 2019 or 2022 system, you do not need any additional actions to connect to the Azure DevOps Server.

Before you start please make sure you have a valid license for Project Online. It is required to have a valid Project Plan 3 or Project Plan 5 license. 

If you have already installed Integration Hub, review the prerequisites below to ensure that your integration will run smoothly:

Project Online account used for running integrations should have the following permissions:

  • For SharePoint Permissions Mode - a member of Site Collection Administrators and default “Administrators for Project Web App” SharePoint group.
  • For Project Permission Mode - a member of Site Collection Administrators and “Administrators” security group in PWA.

Azure DevOps account should have administrative permissions. 

Also, if you are using Personal Access Token to set up the connection between Integration Hub and Azure DevOps, the following permissions are required for the token:

  • Work items: read & write
  • Identity: read
  • Project and Team: read & write

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