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    How to upgrade Project Migrator Subscription

    In this article, we will review how to upgrade Project Migrator Subscription. Active subscriptions can be upgraded from the Subscriptions page or from the start migration page while migrating projects from one system to another. 

    For detailed information about the available plans please refer to the 'Project Migrator Subscriptions' article. 

    Upgrading from the Subscriptions page

    To add more projects to an active subscription perform the following: 

    1. Click on the Gear button in the right upper corner of any Project Migrator page and select the Subscriptions option. 

    2. Navigate to the subscription you need to upgrade and click the Buy More Projects button. 

    3. In the Subscription Plans window your current plan will be marked accordingly, select the plan with more projects and click the Upgrade button.

    4. Click the Proceed to Checkout button in the Billing Operation window. 

    5. Check your account, billing, and payment information and click the Pay and Subscribe button. 

    6. Your plan will be successfully upgraded. You can always review and manage it on the Subscriptions page. 

    Upgrading from the Start Migration page

    The plan can be upgraded when performing the project migration from one system to another. This can be useful if you didn't upgrade your plan in advance but you need to migrate more projects than your plan includes while performing the migration. 

    To upgrade your plan from the Start Migration page perform the following: 

    1. Open the Project Migrator home page and click the Start New Migration button. 

    2. Select the source and target systems as required click the Connect button under each system (MS Planner -> MS Planner scenario is selected as an example, the steps are the same for other scenarios as well). 

    You can review the account and tenant information below the Connect buttons. 

    3. Scroll down to the Select Source Data step. Check the Selected checkbox and click on the 'number plan(s) selected' button. 

    4. In the Available Plans window select the plans you need to migrate. 

    If the number of plans is higher than your subscription plan includes, you will see an 'Upgrade to .. project plan' button in the right lower corner of the window. 

    5. In the Billing Operations window click the Proceed to Checkout button. 

    6. Provide your First and Last Name, Billing address.

    7. Provide your Payment Details. 

    8. Check the information and click the Pay and Subscribe button. 

    9. Click the Add Selected button to add the projects for migration. 

    The required number of projects will be selected for migration. 

    Complete the mapping and click Proceed

    Click the Start Migration button to launch the migration process. 

    Please note: If you do not use the 'Upgrade to .. project plan' button while selecting the projects to upgrade your plan, it will not be possible to launch the migration on the Migration Summary window. You will need to upgrade the plan using the Proceed to Checkout button that will appear instead of the Start Migration button.

    You can select a Free plan to launch the migration process. The Free plan includes 5 projects and you do not need to follow the steps in the Billing Operations window to use this plan.

    This information will be applied to your subscription and will become available on the Subscriptions page. 

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