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Project Migrator Subscriptions

In this article, we will review Project Migrator Subscriptions and how to manage subscription plans for migration scenarios in Project Migrator.

Project Migrator allows adding subscriptions from the Subscriptions page (this is where you can add a new subscription, review/manage/upgrade all existing ones). Also, a new subscription may be added when migrating data from one system to another, from the Start Migration page directly. 

In Project Migrator each subscription, free or paid, is limited by migration direction - source and target systems, source and target tenants - and by a number of unique projects that can be migrated.  

It means that for each migration scenario, e.g., MS Planner -> MS Planner, Monday.com -> MS Planner etc., and for each pair of source and target tenants a separate subscription should be added. 

The term ‘tenant’ stands for one instance or account of the source or target system. E.g., for MS Planner, it is a Microsoft 365 tenant that is common for users within one organization domain. For other systems, a tenant is a common account that may be shared with other users, like in Monday.com or a personal account, like in Trello. 

There are several subscription plans available in Project Migrator: 

  • For 2 projects (14-day trial period)
  • From 3 to 9 projects
  • From 10 to 24 projects
  • From 25 to 49 projects
  • From 50 to 99 projects
  • From 100 to 149 projects
  • From 150 to 299 projects 
  • From 300 to 999 projects
  • Enterprise

Free Subscription Plan

The Free Subscription Plan allows migrating 2 projects in each migration direction without any charge (valid for 14 days).

The Free Subscription can be added for each migration scenario and source & target tenant pair. 

However, only one Free Subscription can be added for the same migration scenario and for the same source and target tenants. 

Please note that in case one Project Migrator user has already migrated between the selected source and target systems and the same tenants and has added the Free Subscription for that migration direction, it will not be allowed for another user to add the Free Subscription for the same systems and tenants. 

The Free Subscription Plan has a project limit of 2 unique projects. The unique projects selected for migration are counted by source project IDs. If it is needed to migrate more than 2 projects between the selected systems, or the project limit is already used up, the subscription should be upgraded. 

Project Number/Limit 

The available Subscription Plans differ by the project limit which is the number of unique projects that can be migrated within the subscription. The unique projects selected for migration are counted by source project IDs. 

The unique project IDs are counted in the project limit only once. Thus, when the already migrated projects are selected for migration one more time, or the migration is restarted for those projects, they will not be counted and billed one more time.

Please note: The unique projects will be counted and will consume the project limit in the subscription once the migration is launched for them, regardless of the migration result (whether the migration is successful or uncompleted). If the migration is not successful or canceled, it is possible to re-migrate the same projects as many times as needed. 

The Subscription Plans are issued for 90 days. 

Enterprise Subscription Plan

The Enterprise Subscription Plan is a custom plan for organizations that need to purchase a subscription for a different number of projects and/or tenants than the other available subscriptions or want to purchase additional consulting or migration service along with the subscription. 

The advantage of the Enterprise subscription is that it may not be limited by source and target tenants and may have any project limit. 

The Enterprise subscription can be purchased with a purchase order by contacting the Sales Team. For this, click the Contact us button in the Enterprise Plan and send all the details to the Sales Team.

Please note: Enterprise subscriptions cannot be purchased or upgraded with a debit/credit card in Project Migrator directly. 

Subscription Expiration/Cancelation 

Currently, all Subscription Plans in Project Migrator are available for the 90-day term and are non-renewing (except for the Trial one which is valid for 14 days). 

If it is necessary to change your subscription term or to purchase a subscription for a different period, please consider contacting our Sales Team via the Contact Us option.

At the end of the 90-day term, a subscription will be canceled automatically and will have the Expired status.

Launching the migration with the canceled/expired or inactive subscription for the selected migration direction will not be allowed.

As for now, there is no option for users to pause, cancel or resume the subscription directly in Project Migrator. 

If it is required to cancel your subscription, or activate the canceled/expired one, please contact our Support Team at support@fluentpro.com.

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