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Operation Details page

In this article, we will review the Operation Details page layout and settings. 

To access the Operation Details page click on the required environment and select Operation Details.

Operation Details page includes a list of all operations - Backup, Copy, Restore, etc. - performed by schedule or manually within the selected environment. 

On this page, you can review the following information: 

  • Type (by operation content);
  • Title;
  • Operation Type;
  • Start;
  • Size;
  • Duration;
  • Status.

You can sort the operations displayed on the page using the filters on top: 

  • Operations type;
  • Schedules;
  • Statuses;
  • Date range.

Also, you can select the operations that include all types of data, Project Plans, SharePoint sites, and Configuration only. 

If you need to find an operation where a specific Projects or SharePoint site is included, you can use the search option at the top of the page. 

Project Plans button opens the list of all projects backed up within the selected environment. It is possible to review the number of backups for each project separately here and open the list of backups where the required project was included. It is also possible to delete any specific project and/or export these projects to an Excel file. 

If you click on any operation in the list, you will be redirected to the Summary information page. 

This page includes information and a set of actions depending on the operation you select to open. 

For example, if you select to open a backup operation, the Summary information page for the backup will be opened, displaying the backup details, backup content, and the set of actions you can perform: Restore, Delete, Review Backup Details.

To open the details for each element, click on the ellipsis button next to the required element and review the detailed information for the list of backed-up entities. 

Also, you can use the 'View more details' button on the right to open the details for backup content. 

Also, you can review the log files and/or download the projects to your PC either one by one or in bulk. 

To download one project, navigate to the Content Details section, open the project menu available next to each project and select the download option. 

To build a zip. file and download all projects in bulk, navigate to the Content Details section, open the projects menu next to the Project Plans section, and select the 'Build projects to zip. file' option. 

To delete the operation from the list, click the Delete button next to the required operation. 

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