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    How to restore data

    This article describes how to restore data from one of the created backups using G.A. Suite.

    If you need to restore any specific project, site, or configuration element, please refer to this article.

    1) To start the process, visit the G.A. Suite web site at https://gas.fluentpro.com and log in with your Microsoft or Email account. 

    2) On the G.A. Suite Home Page click on the environment for which you would like to perform restore, click on the Operation Details option. 

    3) On the opened Operation Details page click on the backup you need to restore. 

    Please note: To find the required backup, you can select the required view on the page, use filtering options or type the name of the Project/Project Site in the search window to find the backup with a specific project that requires restoration. G.A. Suite will show only the backups where the required project or site is included and you will be able to quickly restore the required project or site taking it from the latest backup where it was included or from any other one, as required. 

    4) On the Backup Summary page you can view the information for the completed backup.

    5) To run the restore process click the Restore button on the Backup summary information. 

    6) On the opened Restore page select the restore settings, as required:

    • Notification Email - specify the email, where the notification will be sent on completion.
    • Target location - the PWA configuration will be copied to the selected PWA. Please make sure the required PWA is added to your G.A. Suite tenant and licensed. 
    • Credentials - Provide specific credentials, if needed, and validate them. Multi-factor Authentication for Office 365 users is also available. For more details refer to this article.
      Please note: By default G.A. Suite uses the credentials which were provided when adding PWA to G.A. Suite. These credentials are stored and may be found on the Credentials Manager or Credentials page. If for some reason you would like G.A. Suite to use a different set of credentials, use this option.
      You can add multiple credentials to perform the operation and add more accounts to the accounts list.
      In case of any issues with an account (permissions or access lost; password expired) during G.A. Suite operation processing, another one will be used to successfully complete the operation. Also, using the Multiple credentials option makes G.A. Suite performance faster.
    • PWA Configuration - click on the pencil-like button and select the Configuration elements for restore. 
    • Project Plans - click on the pencil-like button and select the projects for restore. 
    • Projects Restore Mode - if the projects are selected for restore, it is possible to select the restore mode: restore the selected projects with the same name and overwrite the existing project on the PWA, or restore a project with a new name 'Project name_Copy'. 
    • SharePoint Sites - click on the pencil-like button and select the sites for restore. 
    • Delete before upload - select this option, if you would like to remove projects and their sites selected for upload from the target PWA before upload. (Projects with the same name and/or project UID will be deleted. The projects will be deleted in the same way as you delete them manually). 
    • Restore Document Versions - select this option if you need to restore the document version history. 
    • Delete Document Versions Before Upload - check this checkbox if these documents already exist on the target PWA (the PWa where you restore the data to). It is not possible to overwrite document versions using G.A. Suite. To upload the document versions to the target PWA, it is required to remove the existing documents from the target PWA.
      Please note: If this option is on, only the documents that are selected for upload will be deleted from the target PWA, all other documents will not be deleted.
      Please note: To upload document versions, the document versioning should be enabled on the target PWA. On the target PWA, open the list or library that you want to enable versioning => select Settings => Library Settings => on the Settings page, select Versioning settings => set the settings as required => select OK. If the versioning is not enabled, the last version only will be upload by G.A. Suite.
      Please note: Document ID field values and values of the "Modified By" field are currently not supported for restore.

    Please note: Before restoring your backup, please keep in mind that restoring Project Plans may affect the timesheets linked to tasks in these plans.

    For detailed information on how Project Plans restoration affects timesheets, please refer to this article.

    7) As you are ready with the selection of the data to be restored and the settings, click Restore now to launch the restore process. 

    Restore summary page will be opened where you can track the progress of the restore that is in process, Pause, or Cancel the operation.

    You can also review the Restores on the Operation Details page. 

    Also, you can sort the operations and elect to review Restores only. For this purpose select the Restore option from the operation types and you will get to the page where all restores are stored. Here you can review the status of these operations and the progress. 

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