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Skip Projects To Stage

Skip Projects To Stage wizard is designed to assist with skipping a project to a particular workflow stage. For example, if the “Skip projects to stage” checkbox was not checked when migrating projects via FPP files or via “Download/Upload Configuration to PWA”; or for some reason projects were skipped to the wrong stage. 

Please note: The process of using this wizard requires the projects to be present in the current FluentBooks workspace. Please, use the ‘Download PWA Configuration” wizard to import them.

To start the wizard click File → Export → Skip Projects to Stage

Step 1 - Load Projects List

Specify the target PWA URL, and login credentials and click Next.

Step 2 - Select Projects

Select the projects for which workflows need to be restarted and skipped to a particular stage by FluentBooks. 

Please note - these projects should already be present on the target PWA. This wizard is not designed for project migration.

Allow the program some time for its performance. Log option allows viewing the log records in real-time during the process. 

Step 3 - Finish

Summary displayed after the process is finished will show the list of projects, that were processed by FluentBooks, and whether the skip to stage operation was successful for each of them. 

Click Finish to close the wizard

Please, refer to the FluentBooks does not skip projects to stage when uploading projects from FPP files if FluentBooks failed to skip projects to the specified stage. The information, provided in this article does apply to the performance of “Skip Projects To Stage” wizard as well.

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