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    How to update FluentBooks License

    FluentBooks allows users to update the current License

    This article describes the process of updating the current License if FluentBooks is already installed on your computer and licensed.

    There are several cases when users might need to update the License:

    • If the current License is expired and a new one was purchased;
    • If the current License was extended (new URLs or directions of migration were added) etc. 

    1. Run FluentBooks and go to FileLicense.

    2. In the License window with the current License information click on 'Activate' option to proceed.

    3. Click 'Restart Now' in the restart application dialog.

    4. FluentBooks is launched in the Registered Mode.

    Your updated License is now ready for use! 

    To add PWAs to your license from FluentBooks directly, please refer to the 'How to add PWAs to your license' article.

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