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    How to add PWAs to FluentBooks license

    In this article we will review how to add PWA UID and PWA URL to your license from FluentBooks directly. 

    Please note: It is possible to add PWAs from FluentBooks directly only if you have a paid full license.

    If you do not have a full license for FluentBooks (if you have a Documentation edition or Complimentary license), please submit a request for adding the PWA URL and its UID with the letter to support@fluentpro.com or license@fluentpro.com. In the request please specify the following information: 

    Please note: You should add only target PWAs to your license. Source PWAs do not need to be licensed.

    If you have a full license for FluentBooks, you can add PWAs to your license from FluentBooks yourself. You can add as many PWAs as you have according to your full license. The PWAs that you add should be within one tenant. However, if you purchased two or more licenses for different tenants, you can add PWAs from these tenants to your license and they will be added to the required license automatically. 

    To add PWAs to the FluentBooks license, perform the following: 

    1. Open FluentBooks and select the License option.

    2. In the window that appears press the 'Get site info' button. 

    3. Provide the PWA URL and credentials of the PWA that you would like to add to your license. Click Load

    4. PWA URL and UID will be added to the section below and the "Add PWA to License" button will appear. 

    Click the "Add PWA to License" button to add the PWA to your license. 

    5. Click Yes in the window that appears to confirm that you would like to add the specified PWA to your license and proceed. 

    6. The PWA will be added to your license. Click Yes in the window that appears to restart FluentBooks and apply changes. 

    If PWAs limit is exceeded for your license, you will see a corresponding message when trying to add more PWAs to your license. Please contact our Sales Team (sales@fluentpro.com) in this case to purchase a license for more PWAs, if required. 

    If you do not have an internet connection, please refer to this article for detailed information on how to license FluentBooks in this case. 

    In case of any issues or questions regarding adding PWA URLs and UIDs to the license, please contact FluentPro Support Team for assistance at support@fluentpro.com

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