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Getting started with Trello -> Project for the web migration scenario

Project Migrator allows migrating data from Trello to Project for the web. 

Please note: All information in this article also applies to the Trello -> Planner (premium plans) migration scenario. 

In this article, we will review the basic information about the Trello -> Project for the web scenario and the steps you need to take to successfully configure and run the migration process. 

This migration scenario enables organizations to publish project plans from Trello to Project for the web so team members can work on assigned tasks, and report progress, and updates. 

There are four main steps you need to perform to launch the migration process: 

  • Step1: Connect to source and target systems. On this step, you need to establish a connection between the source Trello environment and the target Project for the web environment. 
  • Step 2: Select source data. Project Migrator allows selecting all data at once or only the needed items. 
  • Step 3. Object mapping. Project Migrator provides a user-friendly, built-in data mapping interface, where you can review what data from the Trello environment goes to which fields in the target environment. 
  • Step 4: Launching the migration process.

All these steps are described in detail in the Trello -> Planner scenario migration steps article. 

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