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Logs Tab

Each job processed in DataMart consists of several sub-jobs that are written in the logs and presented on the Logs Tab


Each sub-job has the following information:

1. TimeStamp refers to the exact time when the message was written.

2. Level is a type of message written while processing. You can switch between 3 types of levels, in case you are looking for any particular message:

  • Info represents information on a regular process that passed with no errors.
  • Error is displayed when an unexpected condition occurs.
  • Debug is the information on a regular process that passed with no errors.

3. Correlation ID is a numeriс identification of an error. Correlation ID is shown each time you receive an error in the DataMart.

4. Message represents actions that were taken by DataMart while processing each sub-job

5. Exception is shown only in case you have received an error. You receive an error message in case if any exception has occurred and DataMart did not finish the job successfully.

Please note: You can sort all logs by Level. To sort the logs by Level click on the dropdown arrow and choose the needed level.

From the Logs tab, you can export Logs to an Excel file. This can be performed in 2 ways:  

1. Click on the View Logs button for a specific job from the Jobs tab and export Logs. See the article for more details.

2. To export Log from the Logs tab type CorrelationId of the error → click Enter → Export Logs.  In this case, you will receive a log file with all messages related to an error with a specified CorrelationId

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