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FluentPro Backup

FluentPro Backup is a cloud backup solution that provides reliable data protection for Microsoft PPM systems, including Project for the Web, Planner, Asana, Smartsheet, and Monday.com. This software backs up project data automatically, eliminating human errors. Using FluentPro Backup, you can protect data in Project for the Web/Planner (premium plans), Planner/Planner (basic plans), Asana, Smartsheet, Monday.com, Trello, and Dataverse in four steps:

  • Step 1: Choose projects, tasks, resources, and groups to protect from data loss.
  • Step 2: Set up continuous automated cloud backup for all project versions that are saved.
  • Step 3: Back up your projects with related tasks, resources, and groups.
  • Step 4: In case of data loss or corruption, recover and restore your information from backup copies with point-in-time project versions.

Backups can be run continuously, and project versions can be saved when changes are made.

PMO directors and PPM administrators can restore the specific data from the point-in-time version when data loss or corruption occurs.

The FluentPro solution keeps data in Microsoft Azure Storage to provide exceptional security and reliability. It ensures high confidentiality, as backup data is encrypted.

Please note: Unsupported browsers and operating systems for FluentPro Backup:

  • All browsers on Windows < Windows 7
  • All browsers on Android < 4.4.2
  • All browsers on Windows Phone < 8.1
  • All browsers on OSX < 10.9
  • All browsers on iOS < 6.0.1
  • Internet Explorer < 11
  • FireFox < 31
  • Chrome < 49
  • Safari < 6
  • Edge < 15

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