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    Change Requests for Project Online

    Change Requests for Project Online solution by FluentPro Software Corporation is a Canvas app that provides a capability to create and manage change requests for Project Online PWA projects.  

    The change management process starts with the creation of a new change request, in which the requester selects the project for which the change is being requested, describes the proposed change, its background, and benefit, and selects the approvers who will review and discuss the change and make a decision to approve or decline this change.  

    Once a change request is created it goes through the approval process, where each of the designated approvers has a chance to review the request and provide their decision. If all members of the change review board approve the request, the request receives Approved status and can be added to the project scope. 

    Change Requests for Project Online solution can be easily accessed in a browser, smartphone, tablet and embedded into MS Teams app. 

    The following workflow represents the process of working with the Change Requests for Project Online solution – from change request creation to its approval or rejection.


    Change Requests for Project Online solution contains several components: Canvas app, flow, and environment variable; Dataverse is used as a data storage for the app. 

    Please note: Power Apps, Power Automate, and Project Plan 3 Licenses are required for using this app. 

    To download the documentation and setup instructions click on this link: Change Requests for Project Online-Documentation and Setup Instructions.pdf

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