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Credentials Manager in Project Migrator

In this article, we will review Credentials Manager in Project Migrator. 

Project Migrator allows connecting to the source and target systems during migration using different accounts. It is possible to perform the migration under one connection account, then add new credentials and perform the migration using another connection account. Credentials Manager page includes all connection accounts added while performing migrations (when clicking the Connect button) and/or adding a subscription. 

To access the Credentials Manager page click on the gear button in the right top corner and select the Credentials Manager option. 

Credentials Manager allows reviewing all connection accounts you have added to Project Migrator. 

You can review the following information for each account: 

  • Created - the date when the account was added to Project Migrator or the date when the account was refreshed;
  • Usage count - the number of migrations where the account was used as a connection account; 
  • Permissions - permissions required for this account to connect to the source or target system. 

You can delete the accounts that you do not need anymore either one by one or all accounts at one go. 

If the account is expired, you can add it again during migration, on the 'Connect to source and target system' step and the account will be refreshed on the Credentials Manager page.

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