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For example: You want to amend the field “Project name” as follows:

  • Change title to “New Title Name”
  • Display field title and value in bold and in red
  • Disallow editing of the field

Then you need to pass through following steps:

1. Open and start editing PDP (Site Actions → Edit Page

2. Click the pencil icon near Project Name field to open PDP Manager setting

In Project Server 2010 In Project Server 2013

3. Provide new title name in the “Title” field 

4. With a color picker select red color 

5. Check “Also override value label style” checkbox 

6. Check “Is Read Only” checkbox 

7. Click the “Save” button 

8. Stop editing PDP

Once done field will look like on the image below:

In Project Server 2010

In Project server 2013

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