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    How to set up Autocomplete from a table with lots of data

    Direct sql queries can be used to improve performance of your autocomplete when working with big amount of data.

    We can use {{input}} token in a query, it is replaced by input, so all work will be done on a sql server side.

    To do this, follow steps described in SQL Datasource and then use one of a listed queries or make your own.

    Project Server 2013, autocomplete from a list of users in Team Members security group:

    FROM pub.MSP_WEB_SECURITY_GROUP_MEMBERS members (nolock)
     join pub.MSP_WEB_SECURITY_GROUPS groups (nolock) on groups.WSEC_GRP_GUID = members.WSEC_GRP_GUID and WSEC_GRP_NAME = 'Team Members'
     join pub.MSP_WEB_SECURITY_CLAIMS secguids (nolock) on secguids.SECURITY_GUID = members.WRES_GUID
     join pub.MSP_RESOURCES resources (nolock) on resources.WRES_CLAIMS_ACCOUNT = secguids.ENCODED_CLAIM and resources.RES_NAME like '%{{input}}%'

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