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    Managing Formulas

    Actions for adding, editing and deleting formulas can be performed under PWA → Server Settings → Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables.

    Formulas in Project Server 2010.

    Formulas in Project Server 2013.

    Adding a Formula

    To add a new formula:

    1. Create new or edit an existing custom field
    2. Check 'Fluent Formula enabled' check box
    3. Write a formula in the field
    4. Click Save button

    Editing a Formula

    To edit a formula:

    1. Select a custom field where you want to edit a formula
    2. Edit the formula
    3. Click Save button

    Deleting a Formula

    To delete a formula:

    1. Select the existing custom field from where you want to delete a formula
    2. Uncheck 'Fluent Formula enabled' check box or delete the formula from the field
    3. Click Save button

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