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    FluentPro Formulas mimics the syntax and functions set of out of the box Project Server functions, with additional extended functionality. The following new groups of functions are available:


    • Relational databases data access (MS SQL Server / Oracle / any other database accessible with OLE DB)
    • SharePoint data access (any site/list)
    • Project Site data access (Issues/Risks/Deliverables data from project sites only)
    • XML and REST webservices


    • Aggregate function from parent to child entities (e.g. Summary/Average/Count/etc. in Project Enterprise Custom Field based on tasks data in project schedule)
    • Lookup of data from child to parent instances (Setting data in task-level Enterprise Custom Fields in Projects)
    • Data summary/lookup between different instances in Project Server (with no reference to parent-child relationship between entities)

    The complete list of domain function can be found here.


    • NewId()
    • NewGuid()

    Unsupported functions:

    • ProjDateAdd
    • ProjDateDiff
    • ProjDateSub

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