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Financials Power BI Pack installation and setup

1. Download and launch Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

2. Sign in into the Power BI service.

3. Click File > Open.

4. Use the file extension drowdown in the bottom right corner of the window to choose Power BI template files (*.pbit) file type. Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the FluentPro Financials Power BI Pack for Project Online template file, choose it and click Open.

5. In the menu which appears, enter the URL of your financials tenant (e.g. https: //financials.fluentpro.com/@tenantname/odata) and press Load.

You can get working OData URL for your Financials by navigating to Overview > Power BI and copying the contents of the OData URL field:

6. In the connection credentials menu which will appear, click on Basic.

To get the credentials, we need to return to Financials > Overview > Power BI:

Click on the + symbol next to Basic authentication section. Under the Password field, click on Generate.

Copy the Account and Password fields contents and use them to enter the credentials in Power BI:

In Select which level to apply these settings to choose the URL which ends with /odata.

Click on Connect to proceed.

Please note: By default, PowerBI saves all the credentials and permissions you enter. If you have entered invalid credentials on step 6 and encountered an error, please do the following: 

  • In Power BI Desktop, click on Edit Queries > Data source settings.
  • Choose the invalid credentials in the list and click on the Clear permissions button.
  • Restart Power BI Desktop in order for changes to take effect.

7. Wait until Power BI downloads your data into the report. This may take some time depending on how much data it needs to load.

8. The result should look like this:

9. To make this report available online, save it to local storage and then publish it to your workspace (File > Publish > Publish to Power BI).

As soon your report is published, you will need to navigate to Power BI application site and check Dataset settings to make sure your report will be updated.

10. In the navigational menu on the left part of the screen, click on Workspaces > Datasets and find the  FluentPro Financials PowerBI Pack for Project Online

11. Click on the ... next to the dataset name and choose Settings.

12. In the Settings menu, check the Data source credentials and Parameters sections to make sure the application has the proper access to update your reports. 

13. To set up an automated refresh schedule, open the Scheduled refresh section.

14. In case you want to refresh your reports manually, navigate to Workspaces > Datasets and click on Refresh now next to the FluentPro Financials PowerBI Pack for Project Online.

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