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The roles mapping allows assigning different access level to FluentPro Financials for each user group.

The user groups available in the list (except for the Everyone group) are taken from your Project Online configuration and can be changed only by Project Online global administrator.

The Everyone user group includes all the users which have access to your Project Online environment.

Fluentpro Financials supports three access levels.

Instance Admin. Instance admins have full access to all features and settings of FluentPro Financials.

Project Manager. Project Managers may create, edit and delete budgets, but have limited access to FluentPro Financials settings (Company, Project details and Roles sections are inavailable).

Viewer. The Viewer role group grants read-only access to the budgets. Viewers can not create, edit or delete budgets and have no access to the Settings page.

Please note: Higher access role includes all the rights of the lower access roles.

To grant any of your Project Online user groups with an access level, select it in the Available list on the left and click on the >> button in the corresponding access role section.

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