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Project details

This settings tab shows the details of the Project Web App connected and allows to ensure that the project fields required by Financials exist.

Project Web App Details

This section displays information on the PWA where Financials app is installed. 

The Account field displays the account of the user who installed the app to the PWA. The Refresh button allows refreshing the connection.

The Verify button allows to perform a quick check to make sure that current account in use has all the access rights required for the Financials app.

Project Level Cost Fields Mapping

In this section you can verify if the fields required for FluentPro Financials exist in your PWA. These are the fields that will be populated with the values calculated in FluentPro Financials.

If needed, you can set a custom name for each field. Clicking on the Ensure button next to each field will verify that the required field exists.

Please note: If the specified field does not exist in PWA, pressing Ensure button will create this field automatically.

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