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The heatmaps provide configurable visual representation of a difference between two value types in your report:

  • Forecast to Baseline
  • Actual to Forecast
  • Actual to Baseline

When two values are compared, and their ratio is in a specific range, the first value will be highlighted.

By default, heatmaps are disabled. To enable heatmaps option, choose one of the options from the heatmaps dropdown on the Budget page.

You can also change the colors of the existing ranges (by clicking on the range in the list and entering a hex color code) and configure additional heatmaps ranges.

Configuring additional heatmap ranges

To configure an additional difference range, enter the minimum (Range from field) and the maximum (Range to field) values and choose the preferred color. The minimum step of any range is 0.01.

Any new range you create should be adjacent to the existing ones with the minimum step. For example, the ranges configured by default cover the values from 0.9 to 2. This means, that your new range should have either the maximum value of 0.89 or the minimum value equal to 2.01.

Also, your new range should not intersect with the existing ones.

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