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Editing Financials budget

FluentPro Financials budget can be edited in two ways: with the app and via embedded Financials widget in Project Online.

1. Within FluentPro Financials. Launch Financials app and  click Edit next to the project name on the Overview tab.

2. Via embedded Financials widget on your PDP. Navigate to your project in PWA and open Project Details Page with embedded Financials widget. 

Please refer to this article to learn how to embed Financials to your PDP's.

Editing Financials Budget

To start editing FluentPro Financials Budget perform the following: 

- on your PWA click Edit on the ribbon to edit the page;

- in FluentPro Financials application click Check out.  

As you click Check out you can start editing the budget on FluentPro Financials Budget Page. Project Cost Accrual, Project Cost Actual, Project Cost Baseline, Project Cost Forecast custom fields will be automatically filled in on your PWA by Financials. As you are ready editing the budget, click Check in to check in the project on your PWA. 

If you do not click Check in, the changes made to the budget will still be saved, but the project on the PWA will be checked out to you. 

The following details and options are available in the budget:

1. Display period is the period that FluentPro Financials shows data for.

2. View allows changing data visualization: by Month, Quarter, Year or Fiscal Periods.

Note: As you switch between different Views on the Budget Page, you should take into account calculation logic of Financial reports. The numbers on the Budget Page are divided and counted per day. Thus, the numbers displayed may differ depending on the selected View. 

If the number cannot be equally divided for selected days, the remainder of the division will be added to the last date of the selected period. 

For example, you open Months View and type in 10,000$ for 'Actual' per month (30 days). Later you apply Fiscal Periods View where the Fiscal Period is 20 days. As a result, you will see the number for 'Actual' for 20 days, which is 6,666$ instead of 10,000$.

3. Project start displays Start date of the project. 

4. Project finish displays Finish date of the project.

5. Data types allows to add/remove which financial data types are calculated: Forecast, Baseline, Actual, Accrual.

6. Heatmap – enable this option, which will help you to visualize your budget and display whether  Forecast data is greater than Baseline.

7. Copy:

  • Forecast To Baseline allows to copy current values from Forecast column copy to Baseline column 
  • Baseline to Forecast allows to copy current values from Baseline column to Forecast column

8. Saving the changes: to save the numbers you type in or change in the budget just click Enter button on the keyboard or start typing numbers in the next section. The numbers you type in are saved automatically. 

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