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FluentPro Financials for Project Online is available for on-line installation with a Project On-line connection and can be installed.

FluentPro Financials can be installed from Microsoft Office Store:

1. On the site where you want to add an app, go to Settings > Add an app.
2. On Your Apps page, click SharePoint Store in the navigation menu on the left.

3. At the SharePoint Store page, type “FluentPro Financials” into the search box in the upper right part of the screen and search for it.
4. Click the “FluentPro Financials” app in the search results.

5. Click Add It.

6. Follow the steps to log on with your Microsoft account to buy the app. 

7. When you are asked whether you want to trust the app, review the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Statement, and then click Trust It

8. The app will now appear on the Site Contents page.

You can go to the app by clicking on it on the Site Contents Page.

When you open the app for the first time, please allow it some time to perform the initial synchronization, which normally takes about 10 minutes.

Initial setup

When you have installed FluentPro Financials for Project Online you need to register and set up the application.

Company information 

Fill in the required fields and click Continue. All the details submitted during this step can be edited later.

Financial preferences 

This page lets you choose the following preferences:

  • Currency symbol, considering what currency is set in the PWA.
  • Financial data types will be displayed in the wizard.
  • If you want to display the budget column in the wizard, check the “Display Budget column” checkbox.

Cost Categories

Please specify the cost categories that your company uses at this page.

The following actions with cost categories are available:

  • delete an existing cost category;
  • move cost categories up and down;
  • create new category;

If you want to enable editing of categories in the project on your PWA, click the Allow to add/remove/edit categories on the project level checkbox. 

Note: by default, only 7 categories are available in FluentPro Financials Freemium.


By default FluentPro Financials uses an account of a user who installed FluentPro Financials application to PWA. 

Please note: User account that is used for Data Synchronization, should meet the following requirements:

  1. Should have Site Collection Administrator permissions on the site where Financials app is installed.
  2. Should be assigned to the default Administrators security group or a similar group with the same permission level on the PWA. 
  3. Should be a member of 'Administrators for Project Web App' SharePoint security group.

Click the "Verify" button to make sure that you have all the required permissions.

Fields Mapping

FluentPro Financials can insert the calculated number into the existing project field. In order to be able to populate project fields with the calculated values, specify field names on the last step.

Click "Ensure" and FluentPro Financials will automatically create the field in PWA. In case the field already exists at your PWA, FluentPro Financials will indicate it.

“IN” field – Budget Custom Field name: FluentPro Financials will use the value from this field for further calculations.

“OUT” fields – FluentPro Financials will populate specified fields with values correspondingly.

Click Finish to complete the setup.

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