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    Project for Web Power BI Report App Configuration

    If you would like to use FluentPro Power BI Pack for Project for Web, please contact our Sales Team at sales@fluentpro.com and request a link to get it. FluentPro Power BI Pack for Project for Web link will be sent by your request for free.

    To install FluentPro Power BI Pack for Project for Web, perform the following:

    1. Navigate by the link that you receive from FluentPro Sales Team. 

    2. Sign in to Power BI Service and click Install in the window that appears to install Report pack.

    Please note: It is required to sign in to Power BI service with the account that has Administrator rights.

    3. As the application is installed, a new workspace will be created in Power BI service. It will include the report and its dataset. Click on the Project for Web Report Pack app to open it and connect to Project for Web. 

    4. In the window that appears click Edit Workspace to open the workspace and connect the report to your Project for Web and review your data on the reports included in this pack. 

    If you would like to review the reports on the demo data first, click Explore app button. 

    5. Navigate to the report dataset, click on the ... icon and choose the Settings.

    6. On the Settings for dataset page, open the Parameters section, and provide the Environment URL, it should be copied from the Common Data Service (Power Platform). 

    Project for Web data is stored in the Dynamics 365 Common Data Service (CDS). You need to enter the URL of your default CDS instance that you are using. 

    To get this URL perform the following:

    • Open the site: https://web.powerapps.com.
    • Login using your Office 365 account.
      Please note: The account you are using for Power Platform should have Global Admin rights to be able to access and copy Environment URL. 
    • On the PowerApps page click on the gear button and select Advanced Setting option. 
    • Click on the Settings tab and select the Customizations option. 
    • Select the Developers Resources option. 
    • Copy the Service Root URL

    Paste the Environment URL you have copied to the Parameters section of the report dataset. 

    Click Apply

    7. Next, it is required to set the connection credentials. Open "Data source credentials" section and click "Edit credentials".

    In the opened window, select OAuth2 authentication method to login with your Microsoft account, and select the necessary privacy level. 

    Click the Sign in button. 

    Provide your credentials. We recommend to sign in with Admin account or an account that has access to the Project for Web projects for which you would like to see data in the report. 

    8. You can launch data synchronization at once. For this purpose click the refresh button in the report Dataset.

    We recommend to set a scheduled synchronization at once, you could get the most recent data for your reports. 

    To set the scheduled synchronization, open Datasets menu, select to open the Settings.

    In the Scheduled refresh section toggle the 'Keep your data up to date' toggle to on, provide the refresh frequency, the time when the synchronization will take place and click Apply

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