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Power BI Report Pack for Microsoft Project Online

Looking for a flexible and powerful solution for reporting on your Microsoft Office 365 Project Online performance? 

FluentPro offers Power BI reporting pack that uses your Project Online data so that you can see all the progress indicators of your portfolio, resource usage, timelines in one place any time you need these insights.

  • Full and real-time visibility of Project Online data.
  • Instant and beautiful dashboards are available at any time.
  • Reports can be adjusted in a matter of seconds if there’s a need.
  • The right information is always available in time for confident, informed decisions.

Please note: Configuration and usage of Power BI Report Pack for Project Online requires active subscription or active trial period. Please contact FluentPro Sales Team for pricing or trial request at sales@fluentpro.com.

FluentPro DataMart Connectivity

When the connection is made directly from Project Online to Power BI the following limitations exist:

  • Users needs to manually configure connection and reports;
  • There are no predefined reports available;
  • There is no historical data available. 

FluentPro Datamart is used as a middleware to enable Power BI reporting on MS Project Online data, as well as extend available Project Online OData interface. Along with Datamart connectivity, FluentPro offers Project Online Reports Pack for Power BI which can be used for reporting on Project Online data. The pack includes more than 25 pre-built Power BI reports on portfolio, resource, and project level.

Datamart connectivity provides the following benefits:

  • Data snapshots & trending. Datamart creates data snapshots to provide historical data of daily snapshots of all the information you have in Project Online and SharePoint;
  • Data normalization & optimization, such as normalizing fields, prefilling look up information tables, for better reporting. This option allows to provide data updates faster than Project Online OData;
  • SharePoint data centralization. The data is being centralized automatically in one place for easy reporting and without any development required;
  • Selective data sync (full or partial);
  • Interface for Planner data;
  • More than 25 pre-built Power BI reports on portfolio, resource, and project level.

FluentPro Power BI Pack for Project Online

FluentPro Power BI Pack for Project Online includes the following Reports (27 in general): 

  • Manage Portfolios (Portfolio Overview, Portfolio Summary, Portfolio Timeline, Portfolio Details, Portfolio Timephased, Portfolio Milestones, Portfolio Workflow);
  • Manage Projects (Portfolio Details, Portfolio Milestones, Portfolio Tasks, Project Work, Project Status, Risks & Issues, Deliverables, Work & Cost History);
  • Manage People (PM Utilization, Resource Utilization, Resource Allocation; Resource Work, Engagements and Assignments);
  • Manage Time (Timesheet Compliance, Timesheet Details, Timesheet History; Billing Summary; Billing Details);
  • Manage Quality (Portfolio Governance, Update History). 

Please find an example of FluentPro Power BI Pack for Project Online by this link.

Prerequisites for setting up FluentPro Power BI Pack for Project Online

Please note: FluentPro Datamart is now based on EPM Pulse technology and therefore it shares some parts of user interface with FluentPro EPM Pulse. However, the product is currently in the process of rebranding and afterwards Datamart will be available as a standalone product with its own interface.

Basic authentication account

Power BI reports use Datamart/ EPM Pulse OData as data source. To establish a connection between Power BI and Datamart/EPM Pulse OData it is required to provide login and password (Basic authentication). 

Project Online prerequisites:

  • Site Collection Administrator permissions for the account used to connect to Project Online.
    In case of SharePoint Permission Mode: it should be a member of Administrators for Project Web App group. In case of Project Server Permission Mode: it should be assigned to the Administrators security group
  • Project Online plan should be Project Plan 3 or Project Plan 5.

Power BI prerequisites 

  • Power BI Pro license (if a user needs to share content and collaborate with other Pro users).

More details on Power BI service features by license type can be found here.

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