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    Release Notes - FluentPro Power BI Pack for Office 365 Planner

    Release 1.2021.03.04 @ March 4, 2021


    • The number of calculated columns was reduced for the whole report to improve report memory usage. 

    Release 1.2020.07.20 @ July 20, 2020

    New Features:

    • New filters were added: Company Name, Department, Job Title.

    Release 1.2020.05.12 @ May 12, 2020


    • Fix for displaying comments.

    Release 1.2020.04.09 @ April 4, 2020


    • Team reports merged into a single page with an ability to switch modes.
    • Assignments reports merged into a single page with an ability to switch modes.
    • Added completion date to tasks tables. 

    Release 1.2019.12.02 @ December 2, 2019


    • Added an ability to change granularity for Timeline's period on the Assignments Overview page. 
    • Added new columns with Last Activity Date for Plan and Days from last activity for Today to the Plan Governance, Portfolio Governance pages. 
    • Now User Calendar page is invisible and available by drill though for User and contains the list of assigned tasks.
    • Added new page that contains information about workload to the Team Utilization.
    • Rearranged visuals.
    • Filters moved to filters panel, User Name now is a drill through filter on the User Calendar page.
    • Plan and User filters moved to filters panel as drill through filters on the Assignment Overview page. 
    • The page was renamed from "Tasks Overview by Plan". Plan and User filters moved to filters panel as drill through filters.
    • Added an ability to change period granularity for Plan Schedule in the Timeline section. 
    • Moved Plan Schedule to new section, extended table with additional information for Task, like labels, description comments for the Details section.
    • Added chart that displays Task Checklist Items by Buckets and Labels for the Plan Overview section. 
    • Plan filter moved to filters panel as drill through filter.
    • Added colored progress column to the table of the Details and Governance Portfolio sections.
    • Added an ability to change period granularity for Plans schedule for Overview Portfolio section, added some visuals to provide quick access to the portfolio status.
    • Extended tasks table with additional information. Added grouping by Assignee. Removed charts from Assignments Details page.
    • New invisible page was added to show all possible details of the specific task, drill through functionality is used on tables with tasks.
    • Replaced Gantt chart component with another one in Portfolio, Plan, Assignment Overview pages.
    • New data sets with Checklists, Comments and Task Categories were added.
    • Visuals design has changed to add more space for data.
    • Converted static images to dynamic query is now supported.


    • Fix for calculation of assignment measures.

    Release 1.2019.09.30 @ September 30, 2019


    • Show 'Zero' value instead of 'Blank' if data has no issues.

    Release 1.2019.07.22 @ July 22, 2019

    • [IMPROVEMENT] - Changed grouping and sorting for Buckets Volume chart:
      • for Plan page we merge all buckets with the same name into one group and sort by volumes,
      • for Plan Overview hidden page we group buckets by unique name and sort them by original sorting index that comes from Planner.

    Release 1.2019.05.27 @ May 27, 2019

    • [NEW] - Added new status for tasks 'Late completed'. Now 'Completed' are tasks that finished before Due Date passed and 'Late completed' are tasks that finished after Due Date passed.

    Release 1.2019.03.29 @ March 29, 2019

    • [NEW] - Added new parameter which allows not to load users, who are not members of any Plan - Load Only Planner Users (TRUE/FALSE)

    Release 1.2019.03.20 @ March 20, 2019

    • [IMPROVEMENT] - Improved the speed of data load from EPM Pulse OData to report in Power BI

    Release 1.2019.02.20 @ February 20, 2019

    • [NEW] - Added new parameter 'CustomFilters' which allows users to filter data without queries inside dataset

    Release 1.2019.02.15 @ February 15, 2019

    • [FIX] - fixed the issue if Tasks table had no values in Start Date column and max value in Due Date column was greater than today - TasksCalendar table was empty
    • [NEW] - added 'About' page with information about product build number and release notes

    Release 1.2019.01.29 @ January 29, 2019

    • IMPROVEMENT - report design improvement  

    Release  1.2018.10.03 @ October 3, 2018

    • IMPROVEMENT - Increased report load speed.

    Release 1.2018.09.24 @ September 24, 2018

    • IMPROVEMENT - Report design improvements
    • FIX - minor bug fixed

    Release 1.2018.09.09 @ September 9, 2018

    • IMPROVEMENT - Increased stability
    • FIX - minor bug fixes

    Release 1.2018.08.03 @ August 3, 2018

    • NEW - Full report pack redesign

    Release 1.2018.06.10 @ June 10, 2018

    • NEW - Increased total number of build-in reports

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