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FluentPro Power BI Packages

FluentPro offers Power BI Packages for Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Office 365 Planner

FluentPro Power BI Package for Microsoft Project Online.

FluentPro Power BI reporting solution for Microsoft Project Online provides easy reporting and simple PPM data visualization and enables project managers, development directors and CEO’s to gain all the needed insights for smart and data-driven decision making.

Power BI is very flexible and customizable as are our reports: if you need anything changed or need to create a new dashboard, you can do it quickly and with no effort.

Our Power BI Reports Pack for Project Online is based on the FluentPro Datamart platform. It allows using historical data, which is impossible with direct linking of Power BI to Project Online. Historical data uncovers lots of additional decision-making insights.

Power BI opens up a whole new world of reporting to Project Online users. It allows using its power to visualize project data and build or update project dashboards quickly and easily!

Each report in our pack is created with data-driven decisions in mind that are crucial for a project, portfolio, work, and a team. As a part of FluentPro Power BI Pack for Microsoft Project Online, we provide the following standard reports:

  • Portfolio Overview, Project-related (Work Summary, Cost Summary, Variances Summary, Governance)
  • Resource-related (Summary, Utilization, Allocation Analysis, Governance, Engagements vs. Assignments, Timesheet Summary, Timesheets Governance).

FluentPro Power BI Package for Microsoft Project Online provides:

  • Full and real-time visibility of Project Online data.
  • Instant and beautiful dashboards are available at any time.
  • Reports can be adjusted in a matter of seconds if there’s a need.
  • The right information is always available in time for confident, informed decisions.

FluentPro Power BI Package for Microsoft Office 365 Planner.

Power BI and Office 365 Planner come together to give you full visibility of Planner data.

Using Power BI Pack for Planner users can build project dashboards and reports for Office 365 Planner in a matter of seconds, using dozens of charts and components that display real-time project data.

The important part is that our solution is flexible and highly customizable. Users can instantly adjust dashboards to address changing requirements without waiting for IT or report developers.

Power BI for Office 365 Planner Pack requires a cloud-based deployment of FluentPro DataMart to be used as a data warehouse, so that you can use both, historical and real-time data in your reports. 

FluentPro Power BI Pack for Planner provides:

  • Full visibility of Office Planner data
  • Instant and beautiful dashboards
  • Real-time project data display
  • Ability to adjust reports in a matter of seconds

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