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Field mapping specifics

While configuring fields mapping for your integration, it’s essential to understand that sometimes data transfer may not succeed because of the target system specific limitations. Below you will find a detailed list of corresponding field types as well as known limitations for each type.

Mapping direction
Project Online
Text (single)
Single line of text

Text (multiple) <>
Multiple lines of text
Text (single)
<> Choice

<> Number

<> Cost

Date and Time
<> Date By default, the Date field type is created as Date only in SharePoint, hence time value transferred from Project Online may be lost. If you need to transfer time value, change the Date and Time Format setting to Date & Time in the column settings.

<> Text field with lookup


Person or Group
<> Single line of text

Depending on the SharePoint Show field column setting, this type of field may return different values. It's essential that the corresponding field in Project Online is configured to include the same values, else the synch may fail.
<> Single line of text
Only the hyperlink address is transferred. Image transfer is not supported.
Calculated field <or >
Calculated field
Can be synchronized only in one direction at a time. The calculated value may be overwritten by the target system.

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