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    Step 2. Configuring Integration Scenario (multiple plans)

    To configure Project Online <> Planner (Two-way multiple plans) integration scenario perform the following: 

    1. Open Integration Hub application. 

    2. Click the New Integration button on the Integrations > Scenarios tab.

    3. Select  Project Online <> Planner (Two-way multiple plans)The scenario creation wizard will open.

    4. In the Connection field click New and provide the URL of the Project Online PWA you would like to establish the connection to. Alternatively, select an existing URL from the drop-down list.

    5. Create the required enterprise custom fields for your PWA. This can be done by clicking Create field button next to each field under the Parameters section.

    6. To make sure that all the custom fields are configured as expected, click Verify configuration button.

    Please note: 'Allow changing task mode to manual' option allows Integration Hub to automatically change task mode to manual to make sure the data are transferred correctly. It’s highly recommended to keep this field always checked to preserve data consistency.

    If this option is unchecked, the tasks in Project Online set to auto mode will remain as is. In some cases, this may prevent Integration Hub from correctly transferring the data. 

    7. Click Next.

    8. In the Planner App Details section, choose an existing Planner connection or add a new one by clicking New and entering credentials requested.

    9. Click Next. The Mapping wizard page shows the default integration fields mapping. In this scenario there are no configurable options. Click Next again.

    10. The Schedule screen allows configuring the integration schedule. There are two options available:

    • On demand - means that the integration scenario will be started only manually by clicking on the Run Now button in the scenario list.
    • By schedule - means that integration will be started automatically according to the configured rule.

    The Synchronization Start Date option is not used in this scenario, we recommend skipping it. 

    11. Click Done to save your integration scenario. You will be redirected to the Scenarios page.

    Please note: This wizard creates two integration scenarios for both sync directions (Project Online > Planner and vice versa).

    You have successfully configured the integration scenario! The next step will be to configure your PWA following the steps described in the Configure Project Online article.

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