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General overview of Project Online <> Azure DevOps

In this article we will review general information about Project Online <> Azure DevOps integration scenario.

Project Online <> Azure DevOps connection offers an integration scenario that allows transferring project data in both directions - from Project Online to Azure DevOps and vice versa. If your organization is among those who use a mix of both agile and waterfall methodologies, this scenario is a great match for your business. While most PMOs and Portfolio Managers prefer using Project Online for advanced resource planning and portfolio visibility, the teams continue using agile tools such as Azure DevOps.

Using this integration scenario, you can keep your development teams working in Azure DevOps and automatically provide updates on project progress and task status completion for your PMOs and Portfolio Managers by connecting Azure DevOps to Project Online. As a Project or Portfolio Manager you can create tasks in your Project Online Project and define the Azure DevOps work item type these tasks will be transferred to. Working in Azure DevOps Project Managers and their teams can create new work items or update the ones transferred from Project Online and the changes will be automatically pulled back to Project Online.

This scenario provides continuous integration between both systems. It provides a powerful way to exchange critical project details between project and development teams by giving them the flexibility to choose how and where they work.

We recommend installing Integration Hub as an Azure DevOps extension for synchronizations between Project Online and Azure DevOps. Other Integration Hub scenarios will be available as well in this case. However, it will be possible to easily launch the synchronization from Azure DevOps without opening Integration Hub app (after the scenario is configured). Please refer to the Azure DevOps extension article for detailed information. 

It is also possible to add Azure DevOps Server connection to Integration Hub (on the condition that the Azure DevOps Server version is 2017 or higher and it is accessible from the internet). Azure DevOps Server must have a valid TSL certificate for its website (the integration will not work with the HTTP connection; an HTTPS connection is necessary).

You will need approximately 15-20 minutes to configure Project Online <> Azure DevOps integration scenario following the steps described in these articles.    

Please start with Integration prerequisites article. 

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