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IntegrationHub Interface Overview

Navigation bar

The main navigation bar of IntegrationHub consists of 6 elements:

  • Integration page. Provides statistics about IntegrationHub usage and integration scenarios management.
  • Data page. Includes detailed information about Endpoints usage, IntegrationHub usage history as well as data transfer reports and cache details.
  • Settings page. Allows integration jobs and logs management.
  • Customer Support. Request form to contact our Customer Support team.
  • Help section.
  • User info.

1. Integration page 

Statistics. This board displays the general overview of IntegrationHub usage (Active integrations, Endpoints usage, Data transfers etc.

Health. Informs you about the successfully performed tasks and warns you about any possible issues with your integrations. Also provides information about the status of your license.

Scenarios. Allows creation of new scenarios as well as management of the existing integrations. 

To find a specific scenario, you can filter the integrations list by name (2).
You can also use the dropdown menu next to each record (3) to edit or manually run a scenario.
The Show Archived and Show System buttons (4) allow viewing archived and system integration scenarios.

2. Data page

Endpoints. Shows the history of all integration jobs which attempted to consume Endpoints. You can filter this list by using the Billable/Non-billable switch.

Please note: To learn more about the Endpoints usage, please visit the Licensing section.

History. Extended maintenance info on data transfer events.

Transfers. Shows the history of all data transfers performed by IntegrationHub. You can see the detailed description for each operation by clicking on the down arrow right to the specific record and choosing Details.

Cache. Shows maintenance info list of all the cache saved by IntegrationHub to check for synchronized entity updates. 

3. Settings

The Settings page includes two tabs: Jobs and Logs.

Jobs. One successful data transfer during integration consist of three jobs: checking all the entities configured for synchronization, comparing the changed data to cache records and data transfer. 

This page lists all the performed and ongoing jobs, allowing to see detailed logs or history for each record.

Logs. Lists all the system logs. The logs can be filtered by log level (Info/Warning/Error/Debug). Using the down arrow menu right to each record, you can also jump to related logs, jobs, history and transfer records.

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