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FluentPro Integration Hub

FluentPro Integration Hub is a leading cloud-based middle-ware integration solution for connecting project portfolio, work management, and financial management systems. It allows connecting and synchronizing project data to/from multiple systems such as Microsoft Project Online, Jira, Office 365 Planner, Azure DevOps (VSTS), and other systems. It allows establishing a unified PPM framework in your organization.  

Integration Hub is available as an online version that is hosted on FluentPro Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and as an on-premises version that includes full Integration Hub functionality, but it is installed and stored on the customer's side. If your organization has strict security and organizational controls that do not allow your data to leave your internal infrastructure, please visit the Integration Hub On-Premises Edition page to learn more about the on-premises version of Integration Hub.  

Integration Hub may be used for one-way as well as bidirectional synchronizations. The synchronization may be performed in the manual (by user's request) as well as schedule mode (which means, that Integration Hub will automatically check the source system for changes and transfer them into the target system). 

This system also lets you implement your extensible and configurable business rules for data transfer. 

Visit the Integration Scenarios page to see which target and source systems are currently supported.  

Learn how to start with a trial version of Integration Hub and how to install it on the Getting Started with Integration Hub page.  

Please note: Unsupported browsers and operating systems for Integration Hub:

  • All browsers on Windows < Windows 7
  • All browsers on Android < 4.4.2
  • All browsers on Windows Phone < 8.1
  • All browsers on OSX < 10.9
  • All browsers on iOS < 6.0.1
  • Internet Explorer < 11
  • FireFox < 31
  • Chrome < 49
  • Safari < 6
  • Edge < 15

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