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Supported plans for Microsoft Planner

In this article, we will review the Microsoft Planner Plans supported by DataMart.  

DataMart supports the former version of Microsoft Planner and the new Planner (basic plans). This includes all basic templates: 

  • Simple Plan
  • Project Management Basic (without a diamond) 
  • Business Plan Basic (without a diamond)
  • Employee Onboarding Basic (without a diamond)

DataMart does not support the former version of Project for the web or Planner (premium plans). This includes all templates with a Dimond. 

  • Premium 
  • Project Management Premium (the one with Dimond)
  • Simple Project
  • Commercial Constructions
  • Software Development  Premium ( the one with Dimond)
  • Sprint Planning
  • Business Planning Premium ( the one with Dimond)
  • Employee Onboarding  Premium ( the one with Dimond)
  • Marketing Campaign

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