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Capacity Missing from Resource Utilization Widgets


Widgets which display capacity or utilization data are empty or displaying incorrect capacity\utilization values for some resources, for example, resource capacity displayed in the widgets is different from the data in the Resource Availability report accessible via Resource Center.


Cause of the issue is that EPM Pulse uses Reporting Database (or Reporting OData feeds) for determining Resource Capacity. Capacity information in these sources is limited by the Active capacity view option of Project Server Resource Capacity Settings.


Increase the Months behind and Month ahead settings values of the Active capacity view setting option to the values that will cover a full period you want to report against. For example, if today's date is 2014-11-20 and the earliest project start date in the system is 2012-01-05 and the latest project finish date in the system is 2016-05-31, then set Month behind to 35 and Month ahead to 18 to get resource capacity populated for all reporting periods.

To configure Resource Capacity Settings:

  1. Open Server Settings page (for example, via Site Actions → PWA Settings).
  2. Click Additional Server Settings under Operational Policies.
  3. Update Month behind and Month ahead settings under Resource Capacity Settings section.
  4. Click Save to confirm the changes.

After updating these settings you will need to wait until Resource Capacity sync job runs the next time. On on-premises installations its schedule can be changed under Additional Server Settings → Resource Capacity Settings or can be triggered manually from Central Administration. In case of Project Online you cannot change or at least determine the exact time when sync job will run, but usually this happens in 1-2 hours after changing settings, however, sometimes this may take up to 24 hours.

In Project Online you may need to trigger EPM Pulse synchronization once reporting data is populated.

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