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Widget Parameters

Parameters tab allows editing widget drill downs and views.

Drill Down

Drill Down section of the Parameters tab allows editing widget drill downs. The following properties need to be specified in order to add a drill down to a widget:

  • Drill Down Type
  • Link Column
  • Link Source

Drill Down Type

This property determines a drill down of what type will be used by a widget, e.g. Project, Resource, Risk, etc.

Link Column

This property determines a table cell that will contain a drill down link.

Link Source

This property determines what column or columns will be used as a parameter for a drill down link. For example, Project drill down usually uses ProjectUID.

Please note that columns selected as Link Source will not be displayed in the table.


This example demonstrates how to create a drill down of an issue type.

1. Create a new widget.

2. On the Fields tab select Issues data source and select the following columns:

  • Title
  • IssueID
  • ProjectWorkspaceInternalHRef

3. On the Parameters tab open the Drill Down section and make the following selection:

  • Drill Down Type: Issues
  • Link Column: Title
  • Link Source: {issueId}
  • IssueID, {wssUrl}
  • ProjectWorkspaceInternalHRef

4. Save the widget, add it to a dashboard and provide a link in the Issues field in the Drill Down property of the dashboard.


Views section of the Parameters tab allows to define an additional view for a widget. To set up additional views:

1. Specify a title in the Tab Name field that will be a tab title for the current widget in the widget pop up.

2. Click the Add button to add a new row to the Additional Views list.

3. In the Widget column of the row select a widget that needs to be added as a view.

4. In the Title column of the row specify a title for that widget that will be a tab title for that widget in the widget pop up.

5. Once all desired views are set up, click the Update All Views button to update all widgets selected as additional views.

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