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Site vs Project Site Widgets

Site and Project Site widgets utilize the same concept for visualizing data from SharePoint lists and have almost the same configuration settings, however, they have some differences, which are described below.

Site Parameter

Site widgets provide an additional parameter “Site” that allows specifying a site URL to pull the data from.


In case you are using Project Site widgets, site URL's will be determined automatically based on project selection in the Project Filter, i.e. data will be pulled from project sites of selected projects.

In case you are using Site widgets, data will be pulled from the URL specified in its settings. There are several ways to specify URL of the site:

Site Parameter
Actual URL of the Site
PWA URL, e.g. http://myserver/PWA
Site Name
Sub-site under PWA, e.g. if “Test Project” is specified, then resultant URL will be http://myserver/PWA/Test Project
Full URL that starts from “http” or “https
Full URL specified in the parameter.

Show Subprojects Parameter

Project site widgets provide an additional parameter “Show Subprojects”. If this parameter is enabled, then the widget will automatically determine project sites of sub-projects and will include their data into results.

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