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Exploring OData Feeds

SharePoint pack widgets utilize SharePoint REST interface accessible at _vti_bin/listdata.svc on each site. This interface uses internal list names and field names that are different from the names visible in SharePoint UI. Usually, these names are quite similar to display names and are built based on the following rules:

  • Internal name is similar to display name but does not contain whitespaces.
  • Internal name is in CamelCase.

e.g. internal name of the “Project Details Pages” list is “ProjectDetailsPages”.

To simplify the determination of internal names SharePoint widget pack provides OData Explorer widget. 

Please note: OData Explorer widget is not supported in EPM Pulse Online. Use OData Explorer Web Part instead, which provides similar functionality. To install the Web Part please follow the instructions in the Import Web Part to a page article. 

To get internal names:

1. Add the OData Explorer widget to a dashboard.

2. Type a site URL in the input fields.

3. Click Show Lists to get all list names from the site. 

4. Click on list name to get all column names from the list.

The list should contain at least one item to display column names.

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