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Project Tasks

Project Tasks
Displays project tasks on the timeline
Type Timeline
Open, Remaining, % Complete, Late, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Milestones, Pending, Timeline


Click to access parameters of the widget. Task Filter You can apply filter to the tasks shown by widget. The Valid? indicator will show you, whether the filter is applicable or you should alter some of the input data. 

  • Field Name. Choose the field name according to which the tasks will be filtered. 
  • Test. Define the condition choosing among the available. Pay attention - some of the conditions are only applicable to fields with numeric data, some - to alphabetic.
  • Value. Define the value for the filter, depending on the type of data - alphabetic, numeric, date etc.
  • And/Or. You can set up several filters, which will have a descending priority.

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