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    EPM Pulse is licensed "per site", i.e. each site collection or PWA requires a separate license.

    For EPM Pulse Online

    To obtain or renew a license for EPM Pulse for Project Online Edition, please contact license@fluentpro.com

    For EPM Pulse On-Premises

    To obtain or renew a license for EPM Pulse On-Premises installation, please perform the following: 

    1. Login to your EPM Pulse On-Premises using a global administrator account or click the Navigation Menu button and select ‘Admin’.

    2. On the 'Global Administration' page --> 'Tenants' tab copy the ‘Tenant ID’ and ‘Project Online URL’ / ‘Project Server URL’ lines and send them to license@fluentpro.com.

    3. After you receive confirmation from license@fluentpro.com, click the Refresh license button.

    ️️ - In case there is no Internet Connectivity in the server where EPM Pulse On-Premises is installed, please refer to the following article - How to license EPM Pulse edition with no Internet connection

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