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How to perform user mapping

In this article, we will review how to perform User Mapping when migrating data from one project management system to another. 

User Mapping section is used to map the users from one project management system to another (e.g.: from Monday.com to Planner). When you map users you make sure that the user information from the source systems will be migrated to the corresponding user in the target system. 

Please note: If you are migrating users from Monday.com, all users added to Monday.com (activated, pending, and deactivated) will be displayed in the User Mapping section.

Please note: The users cannot be migrated from the source system to the target. User accounts should already exist on the target environment (in the Active directory of your target tenant) before the migration starts. In this case Project Migrator will find the required users by their accounts and will map them automatically to migrate the assignments and other resources data to the target system.

If there is no corresponding account on the target system, then the line with such a user will be highlighted in red and will have 'Not Mapped' status. Such users will not be taken for migration. 

If there is incomplete correspondence for some of the users (for example, the email is the same but different user names), they will have ‘Partial Match’ status and will be marked with yellow color. Pay attention to such lines and correct the mapping if need. 

If there is complete correspondence found, such users will be marked with green color and will have 'Match' status.

You can review the mapping summary at the top of the section. 

If at least one user is not mapped a corresponding warning will appear.

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