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How to update G.A. Suite On-Premises

In this article, we will review how to update G.A. Suite on-premises to a newer version.

Please note: G.A. Suite on-premises update process is very simple, you don’t need to provide the settings again. All settings provided during installation are already saved, only updated components will be downloaded automatically. You just need to click next on every step of the wizard. 

G.A.Suite on-premises update process should be run on each server within G.A.Suite Farm. SQL Server is an exception here if it’s a standalone server and no G.A. Suite components are installed on this server.

Before you start the G.A. Suite update process, perform the following:

  • Open Windows Task Scheduler on Worker server and find “Start Modules” task and disable it (right-click on the task and select disable option).
  • Stop all Queuing modules. Log in to Windows using a service account, under which the modules are running, and close all Queuing applications. Open Task Manager and make sure that there is no process with the name FluentPro.PMO.Queuing running. Otherwise, end tasks with such processes from the Task Manager menu. 

Update App & Web & Worker Server

1. Open G.A. Suite installation folder. By default, it is located at: C:\Program Files\FluentPro Software\G.A.Suite\G.A.Suite Installer.

2. Select FluentPro.Fbo.Setup.exe file and run it.

3. The latest version of the G.A. Suite Setup file will be downloaded automatically from the FluentPro download server by G.A.Suite Setup Wizard (in the background).

Click Next on every step of the wizard, select to accept the terms in the Agreement, then click Install on the last step and G.A. Suite will be updated.

Below you may find the description of each step if needed. 

4. In the G.A. Suite setup window that will be opened select the “Install/Update apps” option and click Next.

5. Accept the terms in the Agreement and click Next to proceed. 

6. The set of services will be selected already taken from the previous installation. 

If you didn’t change your environment architecture since the latest G.A. Suite installation and just need to update G.A. Suite, leave the settings as-is and click Next. 

Otherwise, depending on changes, that you have made in your environment you need to choose the corresponding role from the left menu. Also, you can choose Custom Configuration and select services on your own.

7. On the next step, click the “Download” button to get the latest packages for all G.A.Suite modules.

Click Next

8. The Database configuration will be also already selected according to the settings from the latest installation and will be taken from the “install.info” file. 

Verify, if nothing has changed by clicking the “Validate DB connection” option. If it is successful press the Next button to proceed.

9. Data encryption settings will be also taken from the “install.info” file with the configuration set according to the settings from the latest installation.

9. 1. Module Settings for Modules Server. 

Just check that the 'Open firewall port(s)' check-box is selected.

9. 2. Settings for Web server.  This is the step where Web site configuration is updated. Make sure that the settings are correct and click Next

9.3. Settings for Queuing Modules. In this step make sure that the service account credentials for Queuing modules are correct and the “Open firewall port(s)” check box is checked.

10. The next step is Storage configuration. Click the “Validate connection” button. If the validation process was successful and everything is correct, click Next to proceed. 

11. Next, make sure that the SMTP configuration is correct and click Next.

12. Click Install to launch the installation process. 

Post update verification

App Server

G.A. Suite Windows services will be automatically stopped and started during the update process. After the update is finished, verify that the following services have “Running” status:

  • G.A.S Jobs Scheduler Processor
  • G.A.S File System Manager Processor
  • G.A.S Backups Scheduler Processor
  • G.A.S Background Tasks Processor

Web Server

Login to the G.A. Suite site and check if it opens without any errors.

Workers Server

Navigate to Windows Task Scheduler using a service account and make sure that Start Modules task is enabled and run this task. Queuing modules will be started. Check, if there are no errors in the consoles.

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