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How to register an app in Azure to use Microsoft authentication

If you would like to use Microsoft authentication when installing G.A. Suite on your environments, it is required to register an app in Azure in advance. 

For this purpose perform the following: 

1. Navigate to https://portal.azure.com and select App registrations.
2. Click New registration and Provide the app name.
3. Set the "Accounts in this organizational directory only" option and click register.

After the app is generated, open this app and perform the following:

  • Navigate to Certificate & secrets and generate a new Client secret and save it.
  • Navigate to Authentication and add callback URLs, the URLs are the following:
    • https://{HostName}/Ms-Login
    • https://{HostName}/Account/ExternalLoginCallback
    • https://{HostName}/Admin/Account/ExternalLoginCallback

Please make sure the API Permission within the app is User.Read. 

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