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“Master project does not have all sub-projects to upload” error

In this article, we will review the case when the “Master project does not have all sub-projects to upload” error occurs on the Master Project restore/copy and how to resolve it. 

This error may occur if any of the sub-projects from the Master project is renamed on the PWA without updating this name in the Master Project .mpp file (the Master Project should be opened in Project desktop and updated there). 

If the sub-project is renamed manually on the PWA, these changes are not applied automatically to the 'Subproject file' field of the Master Project (this field can be found if the project is opened in the Project desktop, in the .mpp file). Such a sub-project is considered to be broken as it has different names on the PWA and .mpp file. 

For the changes to appear in the 'Subproject File' field, open the Master Project in the Project desktop and unfold the sub-project. A new sub-project name will appear in this field. 

G.A. Suite uses the 'Subproject file' field to find the sub-projects on the Master Project backup/restore/copy. If any sub-project has a different name in the .mpp file and on the PWA, G.A. Suite cannot find such a sub-project, and it is considered to be missing in the Master Project during the restore/copy process. 

When the project is fixed, and a new name appears in the 'Subproject File' field of the .mpp file of a Master Project, launch a backup for this project to back it up with a new name. When the project backup is completed, you can restore it when/if needed. Also, copying operations can be completed successfully. 

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